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    I am happy to work with individuals and businesses of all sizes to develop great ideas through my experience and skills in the planning and production of innovative and fun video games..


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Video Games for the Visually Impaired

As a visually impaired games design student, I never really considered producing games with no graphics that will be played by visually impaired gamers.  February’s (2014) issue of GamesTM magazine has an article about a company called Incus Games.  Incus have created a game about a blind protagonist who has to find his way around

An Alternative Scoring System

As a games design student, I am always looking for new ways of creating great games.  The art of games design allows for the creative mind in every way.  The main art forms have to be visual arts, story telling and music.  All of these art forms are present in the video game which is

Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches is an idea I have for a game that anyone can play on a web browser.  As an F2P it includes the usual ways of monetization with such games.  However, it brings real life principles and practices into the game world. In the beginning a player starts with a couple of grand